2-Axis CNC Laser Cutting Services

CNC Laser Cutting

Precision Laser Cutting for All Fabrication Needs

Our state-of-the-art 2-axis laser is capable of cutting with precision for all types of production runs. From prototypes to blanket orders, MFG can laser cut your material quickly and efficiently to meet any order quantity.

Our advanced fiber laser is the perfect tool for laser cutting, welding, and folding your metals without risk of damage or waste.

Any Metal Works with Our Laser Cutter

Our fiber laser cutter works with a wide variety of metals. All carbon steel metals, architectural metal, sheet metal, and structural steel. Take a look at the chart below for the full list of metals that our laser can be used on.


A 2-Axis Laser for Perfect Cuts Every Time

Because our laser uses a 2-axis design, its distance from the material is always set. For you, this means an even cut across the full length (up to 4’11”) with no variation.

A state-of-the art laser designed to cut your material with perfect precision every time.

By using a fiber laser, we benefit from a higher power output with a no distortion. More power, longer usage timeframe, and a high-quality optical beam. With this, your material is cut and delivered with quality handling from step one.

We accept most file formats for use with our fiber laser, always abiding by industry standards. The full list of specifications can be found on the charts below.

We have rush and emergency services available along with JIT delivery. Please contact us today to discuss your next project.


General Capabilities Prototypes
Cutting Axis 2-Axis
Minimum Cutting Thickness 0.060 in
Maximum Cutting Thickness 0.375 in (Steel)
0.187 in (Alum)
0.250 in (Stain)
0.125 in (Copper/Brass)
Maximum Output Power 6000 W
Typical Lead Time Prototype
Low Volume
High Volume
Blanket Orders
Laser Type Fiber-laser
Intended Cutting Material (Metal) All Carbon Steels
Architectural Metal
Carbon Steel
Sheet Metal
Stainless Steel
Steel Plate
Structural Steel
Minimum Cutting Width 0.060 in
Maximum Cutting Width 4 ft 11 in
Minimum Kerf 0.008 in
Maximum Kerf 0.024 in
Accuracy ±0.008 in
Production Volume Specialty Production Shop
Test Runs
Low Volume
Medium Runs
Short Runs


Industry Standards ISO 9001:2008 – International Organization for Standardization
File Formats AutoCAD (DWG, DXF)
Bit Mapped Graphics (BMP)
Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)
Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPG or JPEG)
Portable Document Format (PDF)
Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data (STEP)